Prototype Tours

New Hope Valley Railroad (NHVRR)

 Date:  Friday, Oct. 21st, 2016
 Time:  9am - 1pm
 Duration:  3 hours
 Departs From:
 Durham Marriott RTP hotel
 Diesel cab engineer: $125 (one hour) 
 Diesel cab ride: $25
 Caboose ride: $9

As well as a museum, the New Hope Valley Railroad operates over 6.5 miles of track. Equipment includes two General Electric, two Whitcomb diesel-electric locomotives, a tank (0-4-0) steam locomotive, and passenger and freight cars.

Normal Train Ride Days are the first Sunday of each month from May through November. Halloween trains operate the Saturday before Halloween. Christmas trains operate on the first three weekends (both Saturday and Sunday) following Thanksgiving. Group Rides are available to Civic Groups, schools and other organizations.

The museum has constructed a 6,685 sq. ft. G scale garden railroad with a walking path surrounding the layout. There are 3 main outer loops, consisting of 210, 215 and 220 feet of track with 2 large tunnels and a 12-foot long overhead truss bridge. Aristo-Craft, Bachmann, LGB, Piko and USA Trains stock, buildings and equipment are used on the layout. Current construction is the 1200 sq. ft. center layout area, consisting of 9 loops, 2 large mountains and numerous bridges, trestles, waterfalls, ponds, buildings, cars, people and many plants. There will be a model of the City of Apex, logging, industrial and rural areas of North Carolina.

Pullman Sleeper Villa Real Under Restoration Tour

 Date:  Saturday, Oct. 22nd, 2016
 Time:  9am (max. 12)
 10am (max. 12)
 11am (max. 12)
 Duration:  1 hour
 Departs From:
 Durham Marriott RTP hotel
Private tour of a restored Pullman car. 

On March 21, 1911 the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Company completed the 12 section-1 Drawing Room-1 Compartment sleeping car Lenover, Plan 2411, Lot 3880, for general service in the Pullman fleet. The construction of steel cars was encouraged by the management of the Pennsylvania Railroad which expressed concern over operation of wooden cars in the newly completed tunnels between New Jersey and Penn Station. Lenover was one in a series of eight cars all of which sacrificed lavatory space for the sake of the compartment that was squeezed into a standard 12 section-1 drawing room floor plan. Attired in Tuscan Red, the car was assigned to the Pennsylvania Railroad where it remained until being converted to a 10 section-3 double bedroom car in January 1931.

Fast forward to today.  The Villa Real is one of the few remaining Pullman Cars that was just a sleeping car. The goal is to restore the car to how it looked in 1931 and then donate the car to a Museum that can properly show and protect it. We also want a Museum that actively runs trains on their own tracks so that, occasionally, we can ride on the Villa Real as George M. Pullman intended. Click on the photos for a larger version.   


Tichy Train Group Factory Tour

 Date:  Friday, Oct. 21st, 2016
 Time:  9:30am - 11am
 Limit      40
 Departs From:
 Durham Marriott RTP hotel
 Fare:  $5
 Saturday, Oct. 22st, 2016
 Time:  9:30am - 11am
 Limit:       40
 Departs From:
 Durham hotel
 Fare:   $5

These tours are expected to be quite popular. CPD has done three tours with Don Tichy. He is great at sharing his processes and demonstrating all of his equipment and production line. Don also has typically offered discounts plus no shipping and handing charges at these tours.

Other Self-Guided Tours
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